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Team Building

Oficina Josefina believes that through art it is possible to create new ways of solving problems, but also to stimulate creativity and put a different perspective on the world around us. 


I present two possibilities of Team Building.


The first, based on artistic creation, is where we enter the field of slowing down the rhythm of everyday life, exploring creativity through craftsmanship, materials and techniques. 

On the other hand, art is not just doing, it is also observing the world in a different way, it is opening doors to create new horizons. Here are the works of plastic artists that provide the starting point for this experience where the focus is on teamwork and creativity.

(un)common movements

Steve Paxton / Trisha Brown / Performance

Now watch your hands for a few moments... Raise your glass, put on your pants, take off your glasses, stretch. Repeat now. And he does it all over again.  These gestures in repetition and for a prolonged period of time, they cease to have their initial meaning and become something else.  Artists such as Trisha Brown, Yvone Rainer or Steve Paxton bring us a performative perspective on our everyday life, let's discover them and  create a composition of movements inspired by everyday life.





broken score

John Cage / Music / Drawing

Straight lines or patches of color. Words or collages. Drawings or paintings. Musicians use the scores to write the songs they compose. Let's discover that artists like John Cage, Iannis Xenakis or Ligeti explored other ways of composing, “drawing” music! That the sounds of our daily lives are very important and silence can also be music! Let's also draw a song to play at the end!

​​Daninha Poetry

EM Castro / Anna Hatherly / Experimental Poetry 

The form of the words. The reading of the llllletters. The meaning of READing. It makes sense, changes its meaning, creates new meanings, ceases to make sense, unravels the meaning and challenges the meaning. Poetry in the visual, visuality in poetry. Experimental poetry, visual poetry, concrete poetry.  Let's get to know works by artists such as EM Castro, Augusto Campos, Ferreira Gullar or Anna Hatherly who use the word in its multiple meanings and possibilities. On this journey of ours we will also create our harmful poetry ready to be born with any fway!

Art of Book Making

Ulises Carrión / Artist's Books

Paper books or string books. Books with a hundred pages or without a page. Books without history or memory books? Glass books or book books! The new art of making books is the manifesto that the artist Ulises Carrión wrote in 1975. In this activity we will explore this concept, meet some artists who use this way of conceiving works of art and also create our artist's book.

Marbled Paper


Marbled is a painting technique in which the paint floats in water and that's where we make the composition and mix of colors, whose result can look like a marble stone - hence its name. We can apply this technique to many surfaces such as fabrics or even ceramics, the most common support is paper and it will be on this support that we will learn how to make marbled.


intertwined ropes


This workshop is aimed at anyone who would like to learn or remember this weaving technique. We will learn  the basic knots for building a macramé panel. Each participant will make a support for vases from the points presented, making a creation of their own.



Creative Ceramics 


In this ceramics workshop we will address some key points that we must take into account when creating ceramic pieces and building our utilitarian piece. A vase, a mug or a bowl are pieces that can be made by your hands!  



watercolor brushes


This workshop intends to be an initiation and experimentation with watercolor. We will address the characteristics of materials from paper, brushes and inks. We will explore the potential of this technique with exercises with lines, stains,  colors and gradients. Finally, each participant will create their first watercolor.

watercolor embroidered

embroidery / watercolor 

Between colored brushstrokes and embroidered stitches we will create a small painting where these two techniques are in harmony. We will explore abstract forms of painting as well as the three-dimensional characteristics of embroidery, creating something unique.



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