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Terça 10h-12h

Quarta 10h-12h

Quinta 21h-23h

aulas de 1h30 60€/mês
aulas de 2h 65

As inscrições são mensais com  1 aula semanal.

Tuesday 10am-12pm

Wednesday 10am-12pm

Thursday 9pm-11pm

1h30 classes €60/month
2 hour classes €65

Registration is monthly with 1 class per week.


Ceramics classes are aimed at curious people who want to get started in this ancient technique. Here we learn the techniques of construction, creation, finishing, painting and glazing of ceramic pieces. Each student has personalized support at their own pace and according to their interests.

🇧🇷 knead the clay

🇧🇷 types of construction (rolls, ballasts, seams, kilns and molds)

🇧🇷 clay drying stages

🇧🇷 decorations with textures and/or painting

🇧🇷 engobe painting and glazes

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